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I had mentioned it to my pal John as we sat drinking cos he was a taxi driver.I knew he fancied my wife and said it would be a great chance to pick her up after she's been drinking all night and he can see if he can tap her.

On the night i drove to Brighton ,i message my buddy who let me in , we h… John was a friend of mine who the wife had never meet are knew of, we were still in the early stages of mingling with the swinging seen.He said he'd love to try it even if it meant missing a shift.That night as I was fucking her I told her John said he offered to pick her up af… When I first moved here 7 years ago an Irish friend took me to see the voyeuristic night time delights of Rethymno.I wanted some naughty photos of her later so getting her tipsy was a good way to do it. A last minute week in the Eastern Algarve allowed me to continue with my sexual adventures on vacation.I also knew she would be dying for cock afterwards cos taking naughty pics gets her horny masturbating with banana's or cucumbers. My husband and I both had holidays to take so we trawled the budget airlines and found that flights to Faro were the cheapest and most flexible, we booked and then looked for a decent hotel, finding a 4 star Adults Only in the Eastern Algarve at a reasonable price.

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