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Plug in your keyword and each search engine gets a dedicated tab in the results view. Now, I did say that I would stick to underground search engines that are not illegal, and many Torrent searches are done for the purpose of downloading copyrighted software, but the truth is that there are thousands of legitimate and legal Torrent files available Like HTTP, which your browser uses to communicate with websites, Bit Torrent is just a protocol.You could use your browser to download pirated content, just as you could use a Bit Torrent client to download pirated....Neither did I, until I discovered Cornell’s Legal Information Institute.This amazing little search engine digs through the institute’s extensive legal library and pulls out any information that you might need.AIO Search a meta-search champion when it comes to collecting an aggregate of search results.You can also use it to search for images, videos, sub-titles, shared files, and your favorite show on a streaming website.Most importantly, the site also shows recent sale prices – which is information previously very difficult for buyers to obtain without a realtor.When you’re searching for a house, knowledge is power, and the knowledge that the Trulia real estate sales search engine offers will give you that power.

There are search engines buried throughout this excellent legal resource providing court opinion information, constitutional insights, and much more.AIO Search also has its own complement of browser extensions for quick access from the toolbar.Other Free Torrent Search Engines You Can Try: Prospector is another fantastic and barely known website to find freebies.Second: They provide a search service to a select community of Internet users who are interested in the specific subject matter that the search engine covers.In this article, I’ll be covering six “topical” search engines that I consider that best in that topic area.

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