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Advanced Attributes Advanced Attributes allow you to embed useful information into your model when creating and managing components.You can now define the Price, Size and URL attributes when creating or editing components, as well as defining Owner and Status attributes for each component instance via the Entity Info dialog.Filled, Styled Section Cuts We have added Filled Section Cuts to Sketch Up 2018.To access, open Styles Modeling and toggle ‘Section Fills’ on or off, and set your desired fill color.

Going forward it might not be, because now Sketch Up natively supports the import and export of STL files (on both desktop and web).

Access troubleshoot mode through the section plane context menu when Section Fills are on.

Section Plane Performance While we were at it, we improved performance for models that use section planes to hide large amounts of geometry.

We’ve dialed in our IFC exporter to ensure that the attributes you bring in from other applications or manipulate in Sketch Up stay with your work when it leaves Sketch Up.

Named Section Planes It seems simple, but naming something is the first step towards making it easier to find, organize, and edit that something.

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