Updating firmware for dvd players samsung

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Arguably the 203 is a stopgap until Oppo brings out a player with streaming chops to match their previous generation (or better...).But they need more sales to entice the big players to work with them – once that happens, it may be worth the investment.To be fair, UHD-Blu-ray IS a very complicated thing: 8-bits/10-bits/12-bits, HDR10 (with 1,000 or 4,000 nits sources), Dolby Vision, H265, tri-layer disks, DCI-P3, Rec2020, 4:2:0/4:2:2/4:4:4, etc etc.The change from Blu-ray to UHD Blu-ray is far bigger than many folks realise. It's a brand new product from a brand new class of technology using many standards that a very very new. I expect in about 6 months to a year all the quirks should be gone (heck most of the big ones should be gone within a short while).But unless you're desperate or your existing Oppo fails, the argument to upgrade isn't overwhelming.

The player is telling me it's outputting 4k, 4:2:2 at 12-bit.

New chip from Mediatek means that the Oppo has been designed from the ground up for UHD. Having said that, the Panasonic to me, has delivered the 4K goods in all aspects.

No Chance, I'd be surprised if you could get a 103 for that price and it's 9. I am more than happy with the PQ and AQ as well as its ability to upscale 1080p material. Anyone have any first hand observations on UHD to a 4K TV without HDR? Wanting to make the jump to UHD but without HDR unsure if worth jumping into the Oppo now or waiting.

I was trying to say now I have an Oppo I would like another, there is nothing wrong with my Oppo 93.

Cheers DK Not quite yet, I'm still having freezing issues, but I think it's a software issue because I even had a freeze in navigating menus (mainly for a USB drive).

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