Updating firmware on a yamaha bd s2900

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Remember also that hi-res audio cannot be delivered over optical or coaxial connections; but you might want to run these to the CD input of your AVR, simply to improve general usability.Blu-ray in disguise The player is actually based on a Panasonic design, using standard Panasonic video processing and the familiar Panasonic interface.When I popped it in the player, I went to the settings menu and the disc froze immediately upon opening the menu, I didn't even have a chance to change any settings.I turned off the player and upon turning it back on, it again froze upon opening the settings menu. According to the BDP-1500's settings, the firmware is 080418.02_050808-1_XAA. I went to Samsung's web site and tried to update the firmware with my USB flash drive and the player seemed to either not need a firmware update or not even recognize the flash drive because it didn't even give me an option to update the firmware or not.Disc compatibility is good, spinning all known variants of DVD recordables, as well as esoteric fare such as Dual Discs and MP3/WMA/ JPEG CDs.It's not compatible with DVD-Audio or SACD, though.

Significantly, there's also no LAN port, ensuring that firmware will never be able to upgrade the player to Profile 2.0 BD Live compliancy.Anybody seen this issue with The Hunt for Red October and know if it's a known issue with the movie or Paramount movies in general, or is it the player??I also bought The Hunt for Red October as my first Blu Ray disc. After you download the file, double-click it and give it the destination for your CD-burner. Or you can go to the dedicated Samsung Blu-Ray Support page: Regards, Mr.I bought a Samsung Blu Ray player, the BDP-1500, today.I also bought The Hunt for Red October as my first Blu Ray disc.

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