Updating msds sheets

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A common question is "Where can I find an old (10, 20, 35 years! If you have not received a new shipment of the material since then, you are in the clear.

Of course, a reasonable question is "what are you doing with a 30 year old chemical? If the chemical is so vital that you can't dispose of it and the solutions in the next question don't help, consider having an SDS supplier author one for you.

Per Paragraph G.4.f of Directive Number CPL 02-02-079 (Inspection Procedures for the Hazard Communication Standard) "" However, most people asking this question didn't get around to getting one in the first place.

Avoid falling into that category by establishing a formal inventory/review procedure for hazardous materials in your workplace.

If all else fails, see if you can find an SDS for an identical formulation from another manufacturer (see "Do I have to keep every SDS that I receive?

Either way, if you regularly review your inventory so as to use up or dispose of chemicals older than say, three years, you are likely to never encounter this problem.

See "Requirements for manufacturers, who are no longer in business or have discontinued a product line, to provide MSDSs and product information" (May 27, 2004).

Normally, a manufacturer going out of business should not affect you because you already have an (M)SDS on hand.

As long as you've made (this is our best guess) looking at a "de minimus" violation, i.e.

one where OSHA might note it during an inspection but not assess a penalty.

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