Updating vmware

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In this article we cover the steps we used to update and upgrade our servers.

Many of our servers have been in a holding spot since the main Intel Spectre and Meltdown issues came about.

Historically the Vagrant VMware plugin used a custom SSL certificate when connecting to the plugin activation end point for license validation.

We have decided with the expiry of this certificate to remove the custom SSL certificate usage from the plugin completely.

For our servers, the updating process is very easy using Dell's Lifecycle Controller, which requires minimal user effort to upgrade firmware versions across all the hardware installed in the server (OEM hardware that is).

If you are upgrading to ESXi 6.7, you need to make sure v Center can talk with the new servers first.One by one, you go to each host, assign the image and if the software doesn't match you click remediate.v Center handles the rest by placing the server in maintenance mode, applying the update, rebooting the server and bringing it out of maintenance mode.The complete removal of the custom SSL certificate also ensures that this issue will not happen again in the future.To fix currently installed VMware plugins, the plugin must be first uninstalled and then re-installed: For Vagrant VMware Workstation plugins: If the re-installed plugin continues to fail when attempting to activate the plugin, expunge all the Vagrant plugins and then re-install.

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