Validating questionnaire process

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Once we sat down with marketing and decided that we all would be measured on the same metrics, everyone “put their money where their mouth is.” We have SLAs that we’ve agreed to between Sales and Marketing, so when we get an MQL we know to call them back within an hour and as you move through our funnel we agreed to SLAs between Sales and Marketing.

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I now have a much better understanding of your data needs. Please let me know if you have any comments / clarifications.Customers who have to go in front of the Executive Committee to get the decision will typically need to put a document together (one or two pages) for the committee.To establish a valid certification program, we conduct job analyses to identify responsibilities required of an operator and the capabilities needed for successful performance.CURRENT SITUATION If you put an opportunity in and it doesn’t have a discovery letter, Sales Ops will go in and zero out the dollar value on that opportunity, they email you and CC your Sales Manager and say “You created this opportunity but don’t have a discovery letter.Once you’ve gone back and validated the opportunity you can go back and enter in a dollar amount.” This is something that someone on the Sales Management team sits down with each rep before they move an opportunity into one of forecast categories and they answer these particular questions: When we first started out, we did these in an ad-hoc fashion but now they’re religion in the company.

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