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I asked twice because i noticed the pasta looked different than before.

Calvin assured that this was the correct pasta and the noodles were different now but it is Gluten free.

The Olive Garden has put a bitter taste in my mouth.

Reply Hello I have a serious complaint with the douglasville GA location on 5/21 .

Question 1: What is the phone number for Olive Garden? This was a second chance we gave the Olive Garden, as the prior year we were missing the lemonade in a large To Go order.

Answer 1: The phone number for Olive Garden is (407) 245-4000. I would suggest having the employees go through a checklist with the customer before they leave the restaurant.

In 1995 General Mills spun off its restaurant division into a stand-alone company named Darden Restaurants.

Olive Garden is Darden Restaurants’ most value-oriented chains, with an average check in 2009 of only .

In 2016, the company had annual revenue of .8 billion, accounting for more than half of the revenue that parent company Darden Restaurants earns. I noticed right away a couple of items were missing, and they scrambled to locate the items. A big box was on the bar counter and the employee assured us all the hot orders were in the box and all accounted for. We drove 40 minutes home with people waiting (because the Olive Garden delayed us), and after unpacking everything, all the sauces were missing. On Mother’s Day, I had to stop and cook both sauces from scratch so everyone could eat.

My husband & I returned to the restaurant at the next morning. I proceeded to ask the manager & what appeared to be a cook if they were informed of the situation. (Which the manager came back later & informed me that he had not checked his emails, but he supposedly did received a message about it after midnight.) Anyhow, he said he would search the trash himself, after another manager arrived.

We had been told that everyone would be informed of the cards & be on the search for them. I told him I would search it, but he said that I could not do that, because if I got hurt they would be liable. Saw a man dumping trash, so I got out and asked him if that had already been gone through.

He then SHOUTED from across the table that my food was wrong and it will be out in a few.


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