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I think they just want to hint at that – I'm saying "subtly," but . When I was cast as Gendry, I didn't have any of the physical attributes the part required. But David and Dan said, "We need to die his hair black . I suppose you've got to look like you're made of steel for nudity. The reaction is not something I pay too much attention to. You don't want that to be what you're known for. Normally, they always shoot everything chronologically. There are scenes that we have that take place after that scene itself, but we'd shot all the subsequent scenes already, so that was actually the last day that we were going to have on set together. You're working so closely with these people, so you get to know each other much quicker and much better than you would normally at that stage of time.I think if it's overshadowing your acting, you need to up your game a little bit. And I think particularly for Maisie, it mirrors her character's experience almost exactly.But I think there are certain things that can probably be played around with, and I'm more than happy to play around with my character because that means I get to do some interesting stuff, like that last episode illustrated."Interesting" – that's a word for your scene with Melisandre, all right. It's also a real change in tone, since Gendry had spent all his time with Arya on the run. That was interesting for me personally as well, because it's such a vast production, and the cast members are already in the hundreds, so you can sometimes feel like ships in the night a bit. The whole time Gendry has been with Arya, his main purpose has sort of been as a foil for her, in many ways.When we're [shooting] in Belfast there are always people coming and going, but some of the stories are so disparate. You're only really going to get to find out more about Gendry himself if he did head off on his own little adventure.

He's fairly helpless by the end of the series.

But I think it must also be quite interesting to feel like you're still being kept on your toes a little bit. As brilliant as it is hanging out with Maisie and Ben [Hawkey, a.k.a.

There are vast swaths of books that probably should be sacred and probably shouldn't be messed with – they've been so successful for a reason. Hot Pie] on set – they're an absolute blast – it was nice to strike out on my own a little bit and get to explore.

It's kind of weird, because from my personal point of view, you don't really want to do nudity unless it's appropriate, and unless it's relevant to the storyline and it makes sense to do it in the scene.

There's a scene in Season Two where I'm forging a sword with no top on for no apparent reason.

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