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It looks like Sky will drive a wedge between the two, which will lead to a brother versus brother title match at some point.

Again, good storytelling by TNA, but Matt Hardy facing Jeff Hardy didn’t even knock anyone’s socks off in WWE.

Evidence of the angle working in a micro sense was the reaction of the fans in Bethlehem, who booed Hardy and company mercilessly while cheering Carter during the match.

The fans in Bethlehem had been cheering for Carter since TNA debuted on Pop TV.

A prime candidate, in my opinion, would have been Drew Galloway.

Yes, I’m very aware that he also spent a significant amount of time in WWE, but he didn’t sniff the main event while he was there and was firmly in the jobber category upon his release.

I suppose you could say that since he’s the face of the promotion that he should be a babyface.

Matt and Jeff Hardy have more value and they always will.What TNA seems to be looking for is the quick fix, which is evidenced by their frequent title changes and title matches on free television.What the promotion should be focused on is building a stable foundation. It might take a year, maybe even two, before TNA can finally build up some momentum.The sample size has to be much larger than one town.But because TNA is looking for the quick fix, it turned its turned its top heel and replaced him with a veteran everyone has seen plenty of times before.

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