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Stamped from one piece of steel, with minor machining required, this key was Bunnell's answer to the loosening of the steel trunion inserted in the brass lever. Bunnell & Co., which started in Manhattan, operated from various locations within that borough.

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The original sideswiper, Style G, did not have spring tension adjustment. Doughetery, followed by this wife, who sold the business in the early 1960s to Inso Electronic Products, C. Bunnell produced landline telegraph equipment for Postal Telegraph and Western Union - built to either Bunnell's or the purchasing company's specifications. II, Bunnell was one of the largest telegraph key suppliers.During battle lulls, operators were kept busy receiving and relaying casualty information for the Army and concerned relatives.Working long hours, operators would often fall asleep at their instrument; yet always awaken when the sounder clicked their call sign.However, this first telegraph strike was aborted when the operators were threatened with charges if they resigned en masse instead of individually, as was their right as a civilian Army employee.Moving with the Army, the operator would cut his wire keeping a few yards with his instrument to reattach to the line at the next stop.

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