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The Site is premised on the idea of cultural compatibility: more lasting and formidable relationships are made between people that share a common culture, language and value system.

On the other hand, other critics have noted that many of the numerous differences between the Book of Mormon text and the King James Version occur relative to the italicized words, as if Joseph were deliberately but naively trying to add credibility to his "new" translation by changing many of the italicized words to make it look like different "translators choices" were made while still relying on the King James Bible.

The Book of Mormon version has both phrases:) This article tackles the illconceived notion that Joseph Smith could have stumbled upon maps of Arabia to guide him in fabricating the details of Lehis trail across the Arabian Peninsula..

Ethan Smith speaks of one destruction, the Book of Mormon of another, but the Bible speaks of both.

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Ethio is a popular dating site targeting Ethiopian singles.

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